• Designer Intro

    I'm Tish. Born in Trinidad and spent all of my development starting from age three in New Jersey. Fashion was always my passion. My Mother always said "look good, feel good." Currently I am studying the Business of Fashion at my alum, Rutgers University Newark. I'm a heavy creative. Art and fashion is my life. I put this line together through personal challenges I've overcome. Safe Garments is a reflection of my heart.

  • Why Safe?

    I chose the name Safe because for a while I did not know what it felt to feel safe within myself. I lost control of my thoughts and became my own enemy. After recognizing where I need to improve, I made the decision to invest all my energy into myself and my craft. This is how Safe has developed. It came from the lowest part of my journey that I would not trade for anything. My experiences made me who I am. My experiences made me Safe.

  • Brand History

    Thinking of fashion, London is a main hub. History and culture of fashion origins from London. A huge part of my development and motivation comes from there. I've been three time as a solo traveler and discover myself at a deeper level every time. Fashion is freedom. Freedom is something I experience every time I visit London. I intentionally had the photoshoot for Safe in artsy East London. I get confirmation from self that this is my purpose. This is what God has called me to do.

  • Intention

    Another clothing line? Yes!

    Safe is more than a clothing line. Fashion is my passion, but mental health is my purpose. Safe Garments reinforce feeling safe - emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

    My intent is to bring people together through garments. As we are global, our community connects locally in the United States, and outside of the US using our Community Discord Server.

    Using the server allows us to stay connected globally. We share affirmations, fit inspo, and virtual meeting groups as well. This is a safe community. Join us today!

    Safe Community Group